Owner-Occupied STAGING

Are you ready to sell your home, but overwhelmed by the daunting tasks ahead? We understand the anxiety and have solutions to ease your mind. We work directly with you in your home and we will provide you with a customized written report detailing recommendations and prioritizing projects. This plan will help you facilitate a quicker and more profitable sale and we will give you expert direction and feedback specific to your unique property. The action plan may include suggestions such as:

  • Color enhancements

  • Fixtures, finishes and flooring updates

  • Rearrangement of your furniture and accessories

  • Suggestions for decluttering and de-personalizing

  • Advice on needed repairs as well as cleaning options

  • Contact information for our preferred vendors and contractors

Contact us at 509-868-4187 to book an appointment or click for a complimentary Quick Quote.  If you need expert advice, book a Complete Staging Consultation for $250